About Zebrano herringbone flooring

zebrano herringbone wood flooring

Zebrano is a famous African hardwood with similar wood grain features to the animal skin.Nowdays It's getiing difficult to source big volume zebra lumbers for milling full solid hardwood floors due to local Gov. exporting control policy preserving this rare hardwood resource.Therefore we get wood veneers to assembly engineered herringbone hardwood flooring saving the precious hardwood resources.

Zebrano herringbone wood floor specs:

Scientific name: Microberlinia brazzavilenssi

Surface Treatment: Natural Anti scratch UV finsih Matt

Overlay thickness:2-3 mm

Plank Connection: Reversed T&G

Parquet size: 450x75x15mm,600x120x15mm,600x90x12mm etc.


Construction: Beech 9-11 Multi-ply base Engineered

Usage: Interior flooring decoration

Function: Sound & heating insulative

Warranty: 20 years residential use

As we see many leading inerior designers prefer to use zebrano veneered furnitures due to its fantastic brownish light and dark combinationed natural straight wood textures which is so attractive that you are hardly to find from any other hardwood in the world.Our tailor made factory direct manufacturing service will help those who need zebrano wood flooring in various patterned look at pretty good price below 4USD/S.Q.F.