Unfinished American black walnut flooring

Unfinished American black walnut flooring

Solid 18mm T&G construction

Timber Origin: North America

Grade: AB/ABC

Plank Size: 450-1200x90x18mm

25 years residential warranty

Underground heating resistant

Nail Down Installation

Onsite installation 4 times refinish possible

Price Range: 4.5-7.5USD/S.Q.F

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T&G unfinished solid American walnut

unfinished black walnut flooring

clear face unfinished American walnut

About Unfinished Walnut Flooring

Unfinished American walnut might be one of few hardwood in the world with natural dark brown to rich black colored heartwood. It is a well known high end timber for interior flooring use originated from North America. As a upscale imported wood species here in China,most of manufatctuers are producing 2-4mm overlay engineered walnut flooring both for prefinished and unfinished.

Unfinished solid American dark walnut flooring plank gives out a unique sour smell that you can not find from prefinished American walnut. People like to do natural oil finish or tranparent water based PU finish on unfinished walnut solid planks on thier jobsite.The flooring just dispay fantastic luxurious color shade that you are hardly find from other wood.

Most of common unfinished solid black walnut hardwood plank floors comes with cream white sapwood that present a pretty lively color shade.It's key features people loving it.

Yorking Hardwood sourcing walnut lumbers directly from North America and mill unfinished American black walnut hardwood floors for common grade and selected grade mostly.Clear grade walnut lumber are selcetd for veneer peeling only,it will be more ecnomical for flooring manufacturers.


3.75"x 3/4" herringbone solid T&G length 1.5-2ft AB grade
5"x 3/4" common plank solid T&G length 3-4ft ABC grade
6" x 3/4" wide plank solid T&G length 4-5ft ABC grade