3 layer smooth AB grade natural oiled oak floors

3 layer smooth AB grade natural oiled oak floors

Timber Species: European Oak / French Oak/ American Oak / Russian Oak

Plank size: 1900x190x14mm /2200x220x18mm /2200x260x18mm

Overlay thickness: 3-6mm

Surface Treatments: smooth natural oiled /smoked oiled/white oliled

Structure: popular or pine core 3 layered

Timber Species: European White oak

T&G or Click lock joint system


Installation: Floating Down

Usage: Interior use only

Price Range: 25-35USD/M2 depend on order volume

Lead Time: 35 days for 1 x 20ft container

China Factory Direct Supply

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oiled oak 3 layers engineered wide plank

About 3 layers oak engineered wide plank floors

3 layers oak Engineered hardwood flooring is increasingly the preferred flooring choice in modern homes and wookplaces.It combines all the warmth,beauty and long life of traditional solid wood flooring with increased stability and the ability to be installed with under floor heating systems.

14mm Thickness
3mm Soild Oak layer can be sanded up to 3 times
11mm Superior Hardwood plywood bonded using high qualily gule
5mm Tongue and groove to all sides of board.Double machined for the perfect fit.

Micro bevelled along the 1.9m long edges and tongue and grooved on all 4 sides 2.2m long,with 1 split board per carton
Widths available 148mm,190mm,220mm.

Produced from high quality European oak,with an interesting mixture of quarter,plane and rift sawn boards,which contain a mixture of natural oak colours and knots of various sizes including cat’s paw knot clusters.We only use colour matched natural sawdust filler where required.

For those seeking a clear grade 3 layers oak engineered floors,we recommend ‘Prime’,effectively free of all defects other than very occasional sound pin knots although cost may added significantly.