About Tauari

brazilian oak - tauari

In the past 10 years, brazilian oak (tauari) is one of few lumber in China with stable cost for hardwood flooring. The timber is something like merbau or tuan with sraight wood texture.It is distinguished with natural golden yellow color sheen,little color variations.Tauari is not so well-know like oak or teak in the world, but it comes also with high durability and stabilty for interior hardwood floors,never a low quality wood for construction. Yorking Hardwood is capable to mill the plank with 450-1200 length in different color stains.

About Tauari (Brazilian oak)

Brazilian Oak (tauari) a big tree and the diameter can be up to 0.75M.The trunck is straight and 
cylindrical.The thick of bark is 1-2cm which is gloss and carcking.Mainly distributed in Brazil.

Timber Features

The wood is gloss and no special taste and smell.Texture is straight.Fine structure, even slightly. Baes density is 0.49g/cm3.The density of air-seasoning is 0.59 g/cm3.medium dry shrinking and strength.

Wood drying performance is good.Quick drying and it's not easy to be out of shape and carcking.
Bad decay resistance and the corrosion prevention is good.It's easy to cut and plane the tree.

the cutting section is smooth and Adhesive perfromace is good.

Brazilian Oak (Tauari ) Hardwood Flooring  Specification:

Scientific Name: C.oblongifolia
Wood species Tauari
Janka Hardness: 1650psi
Density: 0.75-0.85g/cm3
Joint System: T&G
Moisture Content: <12%
Wood origin: Southeast Asia
Character: Tauari is also know as Brazilian Oak  and is similar to domestic oak wood in color.It's a more exotic ,dense and strong hardwood 
Grade: A/AB
Installation:     Nail Down
Surface: Smooth/Unfinished/UV coationg
Interior Hardwood Flooring
Warranty:     Above 25 years for interior home use
Plank Size: RL(300-1200m)*120/90mm*18mm

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Displaying 1 to 2 ( of 2 products)