Limed dark grey oak engineered flooring

Limed dark grey oak engineered flooring

Wire brushed grey oak engineered wood flooring

Style: Dark Grey Plank 1 Strip  T&G
Plank size: 1900x190x12-18mm
Toplayer: 2.5-6mm
Function: Anti-Static
Construction Engineered/Multilayer
Resistance: Highly resistant to insect and fungal attack
Style: dark grey white grain
Warranty: 25 years interior use

Workability: Stable & Good Performance for floating installation

Price Range: 22-35USD/ m2

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Dark grey limed oak engineered timber flooring review:

dark grey oak engineered timber flooring

Other Sample Color Shade:

This Dark Grey Oak timber flooring features a balance of dark wood with lighter tones coming through in the prominent wood grain. This style gives it an older appearance that will look like wire brushed wood flooring which an unique look  is currently in high demand. This process helps you match an older home or create a vintage look in a new home.

This is a real wood engineered flooring product made from white oak. It has a beautiful white stain with oiled . The planks have a tongue & groove construction that can be floated, glued or nailed down.

With the rich character of the wood grain and the subtleties in color and design between each piece, this flooring will match the modern design of a warehouse loft or the charming style of an older home. It is the perfect choice when you want to add detail and classic style to a living area, entryway and hallways, although you can also use it in bedrooms and the kitchen of your home.

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