Natural Oiled American Walnut Hardwood Floors

Natural Oiled American Walnut Hardwood Floors

Solid T&G natural oiled American Walnut plank
Plank demension: 90/120*18mm* random length
Surface Texture: Smooth
Gloss Level: Matt Gloss
Finish: Natural oiled
Edge Locking: Tongue & Groove

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Oiled Natural American Walnut Hardwood Flooring-Living Room View

ligh natural oiled American walnut flooring

natural walnut with sapwood - oiled surface

Why Natural Oiled American Walnut Flooring form Yorking Hardwood ?

1. Premium Grade

1)Authentic look and feel: the beauty of a natural oil finish enhances the natural grain and character of each American Walnut planks, a smooth for a perfect hardwood look and feel in your home
2)Backed by a 35 Years Residential Warranty: Yorking Hardwood is so confident in the quality of these floors that they offer a 35 year residential warranty
3)  Easy spot repaired and require no more maintenance than a traditional pre-finished hardwood floor.

2. Right price

Natural oiled American Walnut Flooring Collection’s easy installation,  durable quality make it the right option for today’s busy families. Rarely offered in big box stores and significantly more expensive in specialty stores, you can create an inviting space for your family and your friends with this wonderful walnut hardwood floors .

Created for your home or office, Yorking Hardwood offers value for money with this outstanding walnut hardwood floor. With superior durability and quality, you can get the exceptional floor you want at the right price, and know that you’ll be getting the best price directly from our factory plant.

3. Unique Natural oil(wax oil) finish 

1)As the best substitute of traditional Synthetic Chemical UV cure polyurethan coating,the new coating contents are mainly come from plant extracted natural oil,it is 100% harmless to peoples health. It is also called wood wax oil.

2)Compositions of wax oil finish.   The main compositions of wood wax oil are from refined linseed linseed oil,palm wax etc natural botanical wax or oiles ,even the dyed color pigment content can be edible.Therefore the coating is totally free of Triphenyl, Formaldehyde, as well as heavy metal contents  and other toxic compositions.No irritative smell can be detected from this oil finish.