900x90mm light maple hardwood floors

900x90mm light maple hardwood floors

Warranty: 25 Year Surface/Lifetime Structure
Construction: Solid Design
Easy Installation Method : Nail Down

Color: light maple

Luster(Gloss): Low to medium

Finish: anti-scratch  aluminum oxide
Precision-milled 4 sided tongue
Groove with micro-bevel edges (0.6±0.1mm)or square edges
Size: 900*90*18mm

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900x90mm light maple hardwood floors

maple plank factory stock

18mm thickness maple flooring

18mm thick maple floors

Canadian maple characteristics:

1. Good elasticity, moderate hardness;In different seasons, the cells of maple changes slightly with the temperature . So it is warm in winter and cool in summer in the house.

2. Strong stability, not easy to deforme; the maple growing period is 50-70 years old; its texture is dense and clear , so it is the world's recognized good timber.

3. Maple have certain hygienical function thanks to its good wear resistance,  corrosion resistance,  shock absorption,  sound absorption, good elasticity which can lower the chance of injury when athletes bounce on the floor. Maple is used in sports ground , bowling alley, squash court and other place need to cushioning.

4. Maple's clear texture, color yellow is natural and simple,it makes any room full of energy. Light Maple is a very lustrous solid wood flooring option that brings eyes straight to each individual plank.It has been the classics choice of international furniture designers.

5. With the design of modern , maple is popular in Europe , America and Japan.