canadian white maple hardwood flooring

canadian white maple hardwood flooring


Premier Grade Canadian Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished UV lacquer finish

Matt Gloss Cream White Color Sheen

90/120x18mm T&G solid plank

25 years residential warranty

Nail down Installation

Customized color stains (coffee,brown,yellow etc availlable)


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close view of canadian maple hardwood

two face of canadian white maple

5" wide plank of white maple

Canadian hard maple flooring basics :


Canadian maple is Cream timber with brownish red,heartwood from light brownish red to dark brownish red.
This hardmaple has deep brownish red heartwood obviously change with the growth area.Both sapwood and heartwood may contain pith flecks.This wood always has fine dense texture,usually is straight grain,sometime grain is winding,hunchbacked, or bird's eye.

Maple , belongs to the Aceraceae, Acer. There are more than 150 varieties in the world, found widely in North America, Europe, North Africa, East and Central Asia. According to the hardness ,maple is divided into Hard Maple (Acer saccharum) (Common Name:Sugar Maple, Rock Maple) and Soft Maple(Red Maple, Silver Maple,Striped Maple, Box Elder). Strength of soft maple about 25% lower than hard maple. Therefore the use of hard maple is wider and the price is higher than soft maple. The most famous maple is Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) and Black Maple (Acer nigrum) from the North American , commonly known as "Canadian Maple". As we known, it is Sugar Maple in the Canadian flag.

Physical properties: 

Maple is hard,heavy, with good strength properties, especially with high anti friction and wear strength, good anti bending performance of steam,suitable for indoor sports venues


Processing properties:
Hard Maple is slow drying. Shrinkage rate is high, so it is easy to change. When Nailing and screwsing, firstly careful drilling,  , using machine with good turning performance, satisfing fixed glue ,grinding and polishing workability.


Canadian maple is a wood with slight or no heartwood decay resistance .