Oak wide plank floor – fashion of the world


DOMOTEX Asia promote the oak wide plank floor fashion in Europe. Most suppliers showed the wide plank or single stripe with multi layer structure oak engineered flooring product. Seldom showed narrow board and two or three stripe engineered hardwood product. Some high-end manufacturers display super wide plank, which width is over 8”.And their laminated flooring products have the similar design to real wood engineered oak floors.

According to DOMOTEX, in the foreseeable future, the demand of oak would keep going up.Though walnut sells well so far, its waves has vanished. In European flooring market, purchasing of beech and cherry are stable and would not increase signally.

Maple has a anticipated prospect. Some manufacturers are looking forward to the high-performance sport flooring make of maple, they also looking for the flooring can use in high flow public area.

Tropical exotic hardwood has out of fashion stage. EU Timber Regulation clarified tropical wood are high-rick species. They need to pass the FSC or owing the third party legitimate certificates. Thus, there would be more or more rules to the tropical exotic hardwood.

American Red Oak Market Share


US  exports more than $225 million of red oak and processed wood more than value of $28 million in 2016.Red oak is in third place in international market of hardwood.This volume does not include European market.In fact, Canada is the largest market for American red oak, because a great deal of oak are re-export in Canada. Besides, Mexico market become more and more mature.It is not only owning a good market for furniture and wood floor, but also a primary re-export market itself. It is the second largest market after Canada. In 2015,Mexico imported 77000 cubic meters Red oak, valued $31 million.

Pacific Rim, including the China (mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan), Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Australia,imported 83000 cubic meter red oak, valued $41 million. This figure decreased comparing with 2014 import amount. However, the total import volume was increased. So it indicates that the manufacturers are using low grade wood for red oak flooring production.The typical example is using ordinary 2-rating material which was made as wooden frame to protect furnitures exported, to make of flooring.Superior timber were imported in Europe, thus they produced high added value furnitures and joinery pieces.Their production based on customer require, custom-made.

US hardwood industry has the ability to sell more high grade oak lumber for export.

The Middle East is also an improtant target market of red oak.But for China ,the American Hardwood Export Council believes that red oak will be mainly used for domestic hardwood flooring consumption and furniture production. Meanwhile , the large-scale construction in the Gulf States & Saudi Arabia would stimulate the consumption of red oak lumber.

Based on a moderate price and unniqe characteristic, red oak create competitive design for the world. 25 countries in Europe imported Red oak from America every year. The volume and amount is 48% of the total hardwood import amount.Now European would not surprise that red oak became one of the most important import hardwood as white oak. For European market, it is better to sell red oak than to develop a new wood species. In the mean while, American can step into international market with red oak, the secret weapon kept well for a long time.

Rubber wood VS White Oak


Rubber wood and White oak are two quite different wood.

The tree produce rubber called rubber wood. It belongs to the subtropical tree species, mainly distributed in southern China and Southeast Asia. Rubber tress produce sap every year as the raw materials of rubber. When it stops to produce sap any longer, people use rubber wood for flooring, door or furnitures. But rubber wood quality is so so.

White oak displays yellowish; woodiness hard. Rubber displays yellowish-brown and woodiness soft; growth ring obvious, boundary color deeper; few pores; texture coarse and uniform; price cheap.

Pros: smooth section, easy glue, easy stain

Cons: It has special odour makes it easily tarnish,decayed and damaged by worms, in addiction, it also hard to dired, easy abrasion, easy cracking and easy bending.

China is big importer of rubber wood, owning plenty of raw materials. Price is about 1000CNY/m3.
Although white Oak is widely distributed in our countries, north to Jilin, south to Hainan province. But the quality is so so, superior oak rely on import. This makes oak wood price terribly higher than rubber wood in local market.


Pirce: oak is nearly 4 to 5 times as much as rubber. There are some undesirable businessmen use rubber pose as oak to confusing consumers.

Oak is hard and heavy, while rubberwood is soft and light. Oak has the obvious mountain grain,smooth and fine.

Both of American white oak and red oak have the obvious mountain grain and more costive,superior quality. Rubber wood has special odour makes it easily tarnish, decayed and damaged by worms, in addition, it is also hard to be dired, easy abrasion, easy cracking and easy bending.To sum up, there huge difference between oak and rubber, but common consumers are still confused of.


Ukraine oak exporting share analysis

Ukraine oak exporting share – China occupy the first
Considering implementation of the ban on the export of wood, the draft legislation has been suspended by Ukraine Goverment . And the Verkhovna Rada (parliament of Ukraine) has passed the preliminary examination, they suggest that add the oak to the list of rare species of woods . That is the reason why the broad- leaf timber species drawed the attention in recent time.It’s neceesary for us to know that being engaged in oak timber flooring industry.

From January ,2014 to September 2014, Ukraine exported 92379.8 cubic meters of oak (CODE HS 4403911000). Compared with 2013, the export volume of oak logs is 96426.6 cubic meters.

In terms of domestic consumption in 2014 during the timber auction, Ukraine national forest resources forestry enterprises have been sold 361330 cubic meters of oak logs. Which 247453 cubic meters of saw timber wood, technology raw materials for 82453 cubic meters, the pulp was10037 cubic meters, 960 cubic meters of consturction timber , 600 cubic meters of wood pannel . In the last year (January to September) the share of oak log exports reached 3.46%.

From 2008 to 2014, Ukraine oak log export volume reached its maximum in 2010 and 2011, 204 thousand and 50 cubic meters in 2010, 202 thousand and 850 cubic meters in 2011. However , compared to 2012 , the export volume in 2013 was decreased 47.3%

Despite the fact that the largest export volume reached in 2010, but it was reached the largest total exports of logs in 2008 , which was $22 million 20 thousand. In addition, the export volume (20 million 130 thousand U.S. dollars) was also more than $20 million in 2011 .

From January to September in 2014, oak logs exports as high as $11 million and 670 thousand. Compared to the same period , the total value of exports of unprocessed wood, including oak raw plank wood was $197 million 340 thousand, which means that the oak logs accounted for 5.9%.
The biggest export volume for Ukraine was in 2010, but total export peaked in 2008, 22.02 billion dollors.The amount in 2011 also over 20 billion dollors.

From Jan to Sep in 2014, oak logs export amount reached up to 11.67 billion dollors. While the total export amount of logs was 197.24 billion dollors, oak is 5.9% in this amount.

The main consumers of Ukraine white oak

From 2008 to 2012, Turker was the biggest consumer of oak raw plank. In 2012, the percentage of export amount to Turkey is 56.4%; 2013, the export amount reduced 9360 m3, and Turkey sunk to the fourth. Poland export amount was 37490 m3, remained the first for some times. But China was became the biggest Importer in 2014, before that China imported few Ukraine white oak.

Top 10 Importer countries of Ukraine white oak:
(2014, Jan to Sep)

1)China — 35188.5 m3, 44,497,000 dollors

2)Poland — 22419.4 m3, 34,740,000 dollors

3)Slovakia — 14095.5 m3, 5982000 dollors

4)Lithuania — 9273.5 m3,12502000 dollors

5)Turkey — 6362.2 m3, 8312000 dollors

6)Roumania — 2184 m3, 4060000 dollors

7)Estonia — 1641.5 m3, 3941000 dollors

8)UK — 414.2 m3, 563000 dollors

9)Slovenia — 270.7 m3, 873000 dollors

10)Hong Kong — 103.1 m3, 115000 dollors

AC4 laminate floor test report

Applied by Foshan Yorking Hardwood Flooring Factory
Manufacture Foshan Yorking Hardwood Flooring Factory
Test Item Unit Standards Tested Data Insepection Results
Satic Bending Strength Mpa x≥30.0; Xmin≥24.0 x≥37.4; Xmin≥36.0 Pass
Internal Bonding  Strength Mpa x≥1.0; Xmin≥0.8 x≥2.3; Xmin≥0.8 Pass
Moisture % 3.0~10.0 5.6 Pass
Density g/cm3 ≥0.88 0.9 Pass
Water Absorption % ≤18 14.5 Pass
Surface Bonding  strength Mpa x≥1.0; Xmin≥0.8 x≥1.86; Xmin≥1.68 Pass
Surface Thermocycling No Crack, no blister No Crack, no blister Pass
Surface Anti-scrach ≥4.0N No continuous scratches 4.0N No continuous scratches Pass
Surface Abrasion cycles Residential Grade 1; ≥6000 9000 Pass
Surface Resistance to Cigarette Burns No black speck, crack and blister No black speck, crack and blister Pass
Surface Resistance to Dry Heat No Crack, no blister No Crack, no blister Pass
Surface Stain Resistance No stain, no corrosive No stain, no corrosive Pass
Surface Crackly No Crack under 6 x magnified glass No Crack under 6 x magnified glass Pass
Impact mm ≤10 7.2 Pass
Formaldehude Emition mg/L E1 ≤1.5 0.6 Pass
Colour Fastness to Light grade Grey level histogram ≥ IV ≥IV Pass
Remarks Item # AE001


Ban lifted for African Timber Export

From 2015 to the first half year of 2016, the news of Timber Export Ban is rumoured around Africa and Southeast Asia countries. This leads to the result that part of the wood are in seriously short supply in our country,and further affect our wood products industry.

Some countries set to lift Timber Export Ban

According to Nigeria media reports, Federal Republic of Nigeria government signed the Lumbering and Timber Export Guidance Document.Environment Minister announced that thery would lift the Timber Export Ban temporarily. Guiding policy in this document included the new permit of timber export trade, and it stipulates that plant 5 trees when cut one. This measure is used for environmental protection.

Before, Zambian government announced the suspension of issuing and update the ban. In the Meanwhile, government warming those logging, transporting, trading, and exporting in illegal way would be prosecuted.

In the process Arican countries set to lift the ban, southeastern countries seems to soften theri policy. Twelve millionsqure meters barked logs wood and battens are recently allowed to be exported by Laos Government.Just half month ago,media report that the ban of rosewood in Burma in early July, is a rumour. July 25th, in the period of suspension of log exporting, Burma wood industry enterprice planned selling 400,000 tons logs. 30,000 tons are teak, sell in USD. Left over 300,000 tons is hardwoods, sell in local currency.

Lift the Ban –Bow to Economic Pressure

Why some countries in Africa and Southeast Asian began to lift the export of wood ?The main reason is the economic pressure of these countries.

Before May 9th , the customs of the Federal government of Nigeria announced that it would not allow the export of all types of wood. At that time, at the Federal Ministry of environment request, the Chief of customs audit has ordered that all regions in Nigeria must be enforced the ban strictly.
Four weeks earlier, 25 containers have seized in Lagos APAPA port , because of the unprocessed wood. So far ,due to sustained economic difficulties in Nigeria, $1 can be equivalent to 293.5455 naira . Therefore, temporarily lifted the ban on the export of wood maybe can expand the country’s revenue sources.

Christabel Ngimbu —- the Minister of Zambia land ,Natural Resources & Environmental Protection revealed that the confiscation of illegal trading woods has brought $2 million fiscal revenue for Zambia government . At a press conference, Ms. Ngimbu said that the Ministry has introducted of new regulations in accordance with the revised “forest law”, so this is why the government lifted the ban .

The Lao government spokesman stated the reasons government allowed to export the peeled wood and wooden strips , a part of wood processing factory signed a supply agreement to exported the woods aboard before the Prime minister ‘s Decree No. fifteenth releaseing. So some of this wood still put aside in the factory. So if things go on like this, the prohibition of wood export by government would let them lose credibility on the international market . At the same time, it will become putrid if wood placed for a long time, and their value will lost.

American walnut features & application

American black walnut

American walnut is one of the highest values broad leaf tree originating in north America. “lighter color timber” fashion has been gainning popularity in 90’s, which lead to American walnut lost his name of ” The king wood of broad leaf” for a time.

Ameican walnut grows in east of America, people think walnut is dark, noble, fantastic, and luxurious. Nowadays, people return their affection to American walnut, and designer prefer dark coulor timer atfer the long time “lighter color timber” fashion. American walnut becmong the contrasting elements in colorful furniture, also as the raw material of teh joinery and flooring.

American walnut distribute in various parts of the east America. American Walnut sapwood is milky white while heartwood display light browm to brownish black with some purple or more deeper color grain. Walnut wood timber for sale, would doing the fumigation, and change the spawood color. Untreated walnu timber also available. The wood is generally straight grained, but sometimes with wavy or curly grain that produces an attractive and decorative figure.

American black walnut wood application:

High end funitures, wood cabinet,interior framing carpentry,doors,hardwood floors.Perfect to be n combination with light color wood to make contrast effect.

Merbau – latest market trend

indonesia yellow merbau


Within the week, index of hardwood lumber importation goes down slightly, closed at 139.92, a drop of 1.28% comparing with same time of previous week.Athority data shows that overall sales volume of merbau hardwood dropped 5.6% compared with last week.However this could be just short term decrease due to unfavorable weather conditions.Index of merbau hardwood lumber will rise up again with market demand going up.General offer in China market comes at about 1400USD/CBM for the well dried sawn Indonesia merbau.

Merbau is large tree, height up to 45m, diameter 1.5m,or above.Distributing in Malaysia,Indonesia, the Philippines,south of Burma,Thailand,New Guinea,Solomon, Fiji and Samoyed islands, etc.Characteristic:diffuse porous wood;heartwood yellow or tenne, with interlaced grain; Sapwood and heartwood in obvious distinction;uniform structure;Shiny wood,no special smell and taste;be intermingled golden line;color decent and good-looking.

Wood Property : heavy and tough wood, AD:0.80-0.94g/cm3; undired density:1.3kg/m3-1.5kg/m3; wood property stable and durable;oiliness;strong moisture-resistance, termite-resistance and weather resistance.


1. Fine and shiny color looks like redwood. Great hardness and stability.
2. Obvious fine sediment in wood surface which make it looks natural and comfortable, so it is well suited for decent style decoration.
3. With stable and durable wood property, merbau is better than Pine furniture. And it favored by consumers for its good looking.
Indonesia merbau is widely used for hardwood floors, doors, cabinet manufacturing, distributed mainly on Beijing,Shanghai & Guangzhou in China.Cost of merbau is in middle range among all common tropical hardwood. Although merbau grows up in different origin like Burma, Africa, South America, indonesia merbau still deemed as best quality one for building material.Original merbau color is Dark reddish & yellow with price range 9500-1100/CBM

American red oak sales trend

American red oak

American Red Oak Sales Trend

In the past 18 months, American oak lumber supplied to Kitchen cabinet manufacturer & wood molding accessories factory on steady trend of growth.
In the mean time,American red oak for residential hardwood flooring use are in better demand,it pushes cost increase on C2 & C3A grade American red oak lumber.The purchase demand of wood floor manufacturers is generally steady with suffcient stock. From year 2010 to 2015 American oak exporting volume keeps about 25% growth every year, while China market took the biggest share, even for some other market like Mexico, Vienam,Japan as well as mideast market kept also over 20% growth rate by over all volume.
In this summer season , 26mm(1″) thick FAS grade & C2 grade Red oak market is going to slow down, buyers are easy to find stock wood factory with better price.If lumber supplier do not compromise with the price,the next season would be continue to slow down on US domestic market.
While in international market, with stronger consumption trend, cost of 32-51mm thick KD red oak cost keeps no drop.The key factors is American red oak with higher quality and widely recognized by overseas customers.It is expected in next season, American oak lumber source supply amount would be tighter to keep sturdy offers against importers.Nowdays disributors of American oak in China more than 1000,many giant importers located in Shanghai, Qingdao & Shenzhen.

Why engineered flooring go mouldy

mouldy-wood floor


Why engineered hardwood flooring go mouldy ?

Many people complained plywood based engineered wood floors they used is easy to go mouldy,especially on rainy seasons.Here we need to learn some points about this problem.

Commonly in the market most basewood of engineered floors are glued panels made of poplar ,birch or eucalyptus wood in 1.2-2mm layer thickness, which are peeled from unseasoned lumbers.After that these thin panels will be dried on oven and hot laminated by urea-formaldehyde glues. There 3 main points making engineered flooring go mouldy:
1.Moisture content

Excessive moisture content not only lead to delamination of the glued plywood panels,but also weeken the strenth.There are many factors need to be followed on manufacturing process – wood layers humidity,urea-formaldehyde glue MC%,warming time,hot press lamination time as well as seasoning time.If manufacturers rush on production and ignore plywood base laminated layer humidity, or shorten delivery time on Pre warming time & hot pressing time on production,that would be killer of engineered wood flooring plywood quality, then finished products will be easy go mouldy.

2.Nutrient substance

Nutrient substance is second eason of Mouldy engineered floor plank, it will make insects attack the wood veneer as well.The main compositions of such Nutrient substance is wheat flour.Many factory want to save the manufcaturing cost by reducing polyvinyl & urea content and take wheat flour as adhesive glus composotions instead, it becomes a killer of mouldy engineered timber floors.


It’s impossible to get oxygen insulated, there are some qualified lumber merchants & wood venner peocessor spray water or immerse the plywood lumber into water to get rid of oxygen.It’s effective to prevent the plywood raw material from getting mouldy.