About Black Ebony

unfinished back ebony for flooring

Ebony(bontanical name: Dispyyosspp) is absolutely one of highest rarely precious tropical exotic hardwood species originted from Indonesia and Africa for interior flooring or funiture use.Pure solid ebony plank hardwood floors may be price over 200USD per m2 in the market, mostly seen as veneered engnieered parquet flooring.Yorking Hardwood is capable to supply both solid and engineered ebony wood flooring for luxry private projects across the world.

Ebony is a slow growing timber set in cruel land conditions for hundred years timber into a matured lumber. With 0.9-1.14g/cm3( KD) superior density ,incredibly hard and strong.Unique conspicuous purple,black & grey horizontal wood textures similar to zerbrano makes it greatly favored by intrior designers.

Ebony owns great stability & high wearing resistance for 25 years plus residential warranty with engineered flooring structures.The top layer thockness 1.2-2mm is common we supply.

Ebony Engineered Parquet Wood Flooring Technical Derails:

Wood species Ebony ( Dispyyosspp )  Indonesia Origin
Structure Multi-layered 1-strip
Size  75-122mm x15mm ( or 18mm)  Length 450-900mm 
Top layer thickness 1.5-2mm
Plywood  Eucalyptus & Beech mixed
Grade  AB Grade
Janka Hardness 1450psi
Density 0.9-1.14g/cm3 ( overlay)
Condition 7%-9% on for plywood core humidity
Finish UV lacquered 
Surface  Smooth natural 
Glossy 25%+/-5% (matt finished )
Formaldehyde Release E1
Joints Perfect T&G
End and Edge Micro bevel
Production line  HOMAG & WEINIG
Installation  Nail Down or Glue Down 
Package  Cartons with dampness insulation plastic film,Pallet

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Displaying 1 to 2 ( of 2 products)